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Welcome to Northern Power Race Park! Our team is so glad you’re here and we look forward to hosting you at our events. This Code of Conduct was created to ensure a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable experience for guests and participants of all ages.

BE COURTEOUS - Please be courteous to other attendees. Do not disrupt other patrons with disrespectful, unruly, or hostile actions or behavior. Inappropriate behavior should be reported to Race Park Management.


RESPECT OUR EMPLOYEES - Our employees and volunteers work tirelessly to put on these events. Please be respectful to them, they are the reason these events are possible!


DO NOT INTERFERE WITH THE EVENT - Do not go on the track unless it is your time to race, throw things on the track, interfere with the race, or bother the track officials.


NO WEAPONS OR FIREWORKS - Weapons are prohibited on the Northern Power Race Park property. Fireworks and all other forms of explosives and/or noisemakers are not permitted.


NO PETS - Pets are not permitted in the spectator area. Service animals are allowed. Pets are permitted in the pit area - please keep them on a leash at all times and remember to pick up after them


WRISTBANDS REQUIRED - All spectators, participants and crew need to have a wristband on for the entirety of the event. Wristbands will be issued at the gate, please be prepared to show your wristband at all times.


CLEAN UP AFTER YOURSELF - There are numerous trash receptacles around the park. Please dispose of all trash and race vehicle parts in a respectful manner.


NO DRONES - No personal drones or other aerial recording devices are permitted at the park without the permission of race park management.


MAINTAIN SPORTSMANSHIP - Northern Power Race Park invites racers of all skill levels to participate in our events. Please be respectful and maintain appropriate to everyone on and off the track.


RESPECT OUR NEIGHBORS - Be courteous to the residents of the neighborhoods surrounding the park when entering and exiting the grounds.


KEEP IT FAMILY-FRIENDLY - Please help us maintain a family-friendly atmosphere by monitoring profanity.


Our #1 rule at Michigan Snocross is to have fun! However, with any sport, it is necessary that we have additional rules in place to ensure everyone is safe and we are conducting a fair race series. Please review the rules below and use them as a tool this season. These rules will be updated before the start of the season, additions and updates will be noted. 


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